The world’s first picture of sub-regional GDP

Gross domestic product in high definition

View GDP at national, regional and local level. At its lowest resolution, breaks GDP down to a 9sq km radius globally. As an example, this means we are able to display GDP for all 77 provinces within Thailand to understand which ones are changing more than others.

Billions of data points integrated to give a deep picture

By ingesting and integrating billions of different data points our algorithms and models can see the change like never before at a macro level. Where some countries suffer from a lack of publicly available macroeconomic data, provides up to date analysis and supporting data to bridge the gaps.


Instant macro economics on a global scale

Multiple data types aggregated into multiple complex data models

Billions of data points integrated with trillions of pixels constantly analysed to create the worlds first view of sub-national GDP. Using multiple sources of data we take these continuous data feeds and process the data through many different stages of data cleansing to ensure the accuracy of the data before it is introduced to one of the multiple data models.


Global view of macro GDP

Browse country by country

View each country, region and locality through an intuitive map interface. If you would like further access to the data, please contact us directly.


Multiple data sources to produce models

Multiple different data sources

To create our data models we bring in multiple sources of data. This data is sourced from leading agencies and providers. We aggregate all the data from these providers and the different data types through an ETL process where it can then be added to our models.

Visualised in an intuitive display

Once we have the output from the models we are then able to display it for you in an intuitive dashboard-style interface. Simply zoom into the area of the map you want to see, click the country, region, district or locality and see a graph display the GDP output for that area.

How do we do it?

When artificial intelligence and big data combine

1. Big Data is a true big data product. It ingests terabytes of data and accesses petabyte size archives from multiple different sources globally using the Ovass Location intelligence AI platform (Maptaskr). Using the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing environments, Maptaskr then extracts, translates and loads the data from these different data sources to start the process of abstracting the valuable information contained within.

2. Data sources

To get a true understanding of what's happening on the ground, GDPai needs many different data sources. These data sources include satellite data (road length, agricultural activity, heat generation, particulate count), official data, and data from a wide range of sources including telecommunications, payments and energy systems data. Each data source is regularly polled for new information with the results potentially being just hours old with each data source having the potential to have millions/billions of data points.

3. Artificial intelligence

To show GDP at a sub-regional level we built multiple data models all creating their own output whilst also working symbiotically working with the other models to produce an output. These models utilise a convolutional neural network (CNN) to then produce aggregate the billions of data points into one easy to understand sub-regional GDP output.

4. Data models utilises multiple complex data models to produce its results. Each binary bit of source data goes through multiple processes to ensure when it combines the model is as accurate as possible.

Who are we? is a collaboration between two Australian companies, both leaders in their field.


Want access to the data?

Want to understand more on the supporting data?

Access the data

If you would like to know more about how was built and to get access to the data, please use the contact us form. We are more than happy to share how we built, the data, the artificial intelligence and the models that support this product. Contact us for a demonstration and further discussion on how you could use these insights.